• Days Out
    Swimming in the Rain
    The fine weather breaks just in time for the opening of Chipping Norton Lido
  • People
    A Family Affair
    Deborah Saxby was born next door to Leafield shop. Now she manages it.
  • Business
    Houses for people
    Cottsway celebrates 10 years of providing local homes
  • Festivals
    Riverside Festival
    The best festival in the world!
  • Places
    A Wild Garden
    The historic wild garden in Shipton - a magical place
  • Days Out
    The Simples Life
    What do meerkats do when they’re not appearing in adverts?
  • Days Out
    The lemurs enjoy the spring sunshine at the Cotswold Wildlife Park
  • Gardening
    Everything Must Go
    The 30th annual plant sale in a garden in Yelford
  • Exhibitions
    Art in the Post
    A worldwide art project through the letter box
  • Events
    Living History
    A village celebrates it’s efforts to preserve it’s history
  • Sport
    Every Boy's Nightmare?
    Sessay’s innings in the dramatic Lord’s Cup Final
  • Events
    Dancing on the Green
    Children celebrate the arrival of summer on Church Green
  • Festivals
    A sellout crowd at the first Battstock Festival
  • Charity
    What - no Stake?
    After 400 years, trial by fire returns to Witney Market Square
  • Business
    The Early Bird
    Breakfast networking at Cornbury Park
How to use Twitney
Browse films
Mon 2 Feb
Twitney is here to celebrate West Oxfordshire. You're welcome to browse through the wide range of films we've made over the last few years. Enjoy!

Mon 2 Feb
Twitney is here to celebrate West Oxfordshire you're welcome to browse through the wide range of films we've made over the last few years. Enjoy!

Fri 27 Jan
The Screen on the Square has found a new home at the Methodist Church. Huzzah! Watch this space . . .

Fri 27 Jan
The Screen on the Square is found a new home at the Methodist Church. Huzzah! Watch this space . . .

Fri 27 Jan
The Screen on the Square is found a new home at the Methodist Church. Huzzah! Watch this space . . .

Thu 26 Jan
Why not visit the Bus Museum this weekend? A great day out!

Thu 26 Jan
Want to know about the West Witney development?
Watch film

Wed 3 Aug
Wychwood Forest Fair is only a few weeks away. A great day out, even in lousy weather
Take a look

Mon 1 Aug
CONGRATULATIONS! to Rotary Club of Witney for successful fund raising at Burford Golf Club and at Sainsbury's. Dig deep when you see them around!
Rotary website

Thu 28 Jul
Nominations are open for the Oxfordshire Charity & Volunteer Awards - a great way to say thank you to some special people
Click to find out more

Tue 19 Jul
Seen our film about Scott Fraser - Witney's newest estate agent?
watch the film

Tue 19 Jul
BASE 33 SAVED! Thanks to everyone who helped raise enough money to keep Base 33 going. Sounds like they can keep going for at least another year.

Tue 19 Jul
CVLA Game Fair at Blenheim this weekend - another great day out
CVLA website

Tue 12 Jul
EYNSHAM YOUTH CENTRE LIVES ON. Big campaign and lots of publicity pays off
Full story

Tue 12 Jul
COGGES FARM REOPENS: Sunday 17th - go along and have a look!
New Cogges website

Have you seen?
What - no Stake?   6:10 It's been a while since anyone was publicly burned in Witney, so hundreds were happy to turn out to see what happened when 35 brave souls walked across twenty feet of embers at 1200 degrees centigrade. For the glory? Iszi Lawrence reports.
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Bangers & Smash
Hold very tight please
Ron, Frank & Bonkers
Churchill Car Show
Forest Fair
School of Rock
Bampton Shirt Race
Riverside Festival
Cassington Bike Night
Swimming in the Rain
Combe Mill
Base 33
Cotswold Ramble
What - no Stake?
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